Handmade Bags, Direct to You from the Workshop


We were raised in the small rooms of Florentine workshops, where for centuries, a tradition of excellence in leather workmanship and leather goods creation has been carried out.

Our goal has long been that of making the quality of our leather handbags accessible worldwide. Not just for those few customers of the top brands who markup thousands of Euros on the same products.

The brands which we have selected, are in fact made by the same manufacturers in Italy who produce for the top famous brands. Our professional background is that of manufacturing managers and supervisors in Italy for many Italian and International luxury brands.

In our many years in the Italian fashion scene, we have learned where value is. From quality materials, fine components, detailed workmanship, outstanding design.

“Everyday we scour the narrow and ancient streets of Florence, scouting for talented and creative craftsmen, for the most refined and creative leather workshops.”

A Luxury Handbag is the Treasure Chest of your Everyday Emotions


florentine leather tradition

The Florence leather manufacturing district is an internationally renowned jewel.

Talented craftsmen of refined taste and visionary design ideas and who have a surprising gift of selecting the finest materials, everyday create must-have accessories for all those who love living in style.

It is not easy to work closely with such craftsmen, who are often jealous of their creations, but our vision and passion for their art has convinced them to join us in this mission.

We bring you a quality, long lasting leather good at an affordable price. Made by the same craftsmen and with the same quality materials of the top brands, but at a fraction of the cost.

Delivered directly to your home, wherever in the world you may reside. This is possible because there are no middlemen save for the freight who will deliver our products to you.