A handbag is much more than just an object.
Nowadays, more than ever, it actually defines a woman. It is the trustworthy companion which guards everything that we’ll need during our frantic days. This is the reason why handbags exist rather than just a handbag. We select several styles of handbags according to the occasion, to our body, to specific needs. Different in shape, colour, material, size, an array of handbags builds up in our cupboards to match every outfit and make it unique.

It is hard to find a woman who does not own a variety of handbags, even though she may be unaware of the name and carachteristic features of each type.

Therefore below is a guide to the most popular handbag types.

Tote bag

It has an open top and two handles long enough that the bag can be carried over the shoulder. Totes nowadays are made not just of canvas but also in leather and high tech materials.

Shoulder bag

One of the most popular styles these days, shoulder vacs are very comfortable and versatile in the various occasions that a woman goes through during the day. Unlike the tote, it has several compartments inside and often a shoulder strap which allows the bag to be carried across the shoulder leaving the hands free.

Hobo bag

The hobo features a single handle which is long enough to fit over the shoulder. The bag shape is usually round and made of soft materials and using a soft construction so that it can adjust to the body contour thus becoming very comfortable to carry.

Clutch bag

Clutches are typically worn for evening outings and are compact in size, rectangular in shape and flat. Still mostly a fashion-statement type of accessory, clutches are increasingly seen during daytime as well, in larger, more casual versions. Some clutches also have wrist straps and function as wallets as well. Clutches come in a variety of materials fron calf leather to patent to genuine crocodile. They are akso often embellished with crystals, beads, chain straps, studs.

Crossbody or messenger bag

A very popular and practical design featuring a long shoulder strap to be worn across the body. The strap is usually wide to be more comfortable. The construction and materials employed for crossbody bags are usually soft so that the bag hugs the body thus being comfortable to carry even when heavy. The shape is usually rectangular, with a large flap to close the top and which reaches all the way to the bottom of the bag.

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